Want to keep your brain healthy as you age? The best thing you can do is take a look at your diet — are you eating too many inflammatory foods? The fuel we choose for our bodies has the potential to both harm or protect us.

Here are 3 of the worst foods for brain health.

 Refined breads and pasta

refined pasta

Refined breads and pastas are some of the worst foods for brain health. They’re stripped of their nutrients so there’s no fiber to slow down their digestion. Instead, these processed carbohydrates rush through your system and spike your blood sugar.

 Red meat

red meat

Studies found “the most important dietary link to Alzheimer’s Disease appears to be meat consumption, with eggs and high-fat dairy also contributing.” Just like saturated fat clogs cardiovascular system, the blood vessels in our brain become clogged as well. 

Vegetable oils

canola oil

Another one to file under “foods that cause memory loss,” it’s time to ditch vegetable oils if you want to eat the best foods for your brain. High in omega-6s, an inflammatory fatty aid, consuming vegetable oils — particularly canola oil —  is linked with increased risk for Alzheimer’s.

3 worst food for Neuro/Brain – Health

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